At least bring common sense to the table
Published on November 5, 2011 By BoobzTwo In Movie Reviews

A Knight’s Tale, hehehe

Just watched this movie again and it is still a favorite of mine. You have to love a movie concerning knights and such … especially with a human wave in the beginning. This movie gives us a new perspective on the art of courtly dancing, hahaha. I don’t want to tell you much more (don’t want to ruin it), but the life’s lessons therein are spot on. It demonstrates how power and status can both be used for good and bad … sort of the same thing every man must decide in the course of his life. The truth of things can only be found in man’s heart (and brain) and requires no subjugation of our innate ability to experience and understand the world around us. Taking Care of Business (the song), hahaha … I think most people who have a sense of humor will enjoy it.

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