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I serve the 'dark side’: A true confession
Published on December 27, 2011 By BoobzTwo In Religion

I want to apologize up front to Lula and KFC and others for leading them astray of my (our) true intentions. But according to the master and atheist being what they are ... the cat is out of the bag … so what the hell. I am not going to apologize because I really, really, believe in my second hand god. Without further ado, I will let my pagan boss speak for all of us, hahaha.

Anyone wanting to enlist in our cause ... feel free to laugh with us ...

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on Dec 28, 2011

Sinperium, I have experienced euphoria several times in my younger life when my emotions were in control of almost everything … then I grew up and reality established itself. I was forcibly raised (three years) by maniacal nuns from hell continuously condemning me to visit them at lunch in their domain simply because I was uneducated in their ‘evil ways’ and would not kiss their ‘feet’. I acted like the child I was and … a death sentence was all I got … and we never really got over this sore point and consequently, I rarely went Home on weekends. To me the RCC was religion … one in the same. Try to keep this in mind when I make my arguments as often my real frustrations more applicably reflect on the RCC and their CCC … not religion in general. I will try to watch for this too as I do get carried away at times, hahaha.

on Jan 09, 2012

Stephen Hawking accepts Nephilim Free's challenge to a debate


Open challenge to Christendom the religious to put up or shut up. I don't have the credentials of my 'master' ... but then again you don't have the credentials of your one God either ... so Justify Intelligent Design if you think you can, hahaha.

on Jan 23, 2012

Sinperium, sorry I missed you???

Missed me what?

on Jan 23, 2012

It is unimportant, I put the post back in. Seems you go a long way not to be included in 'main stream religion' or other nonsensical religious "groupings" because they don't reflect your specific values ... does that still apply ... to you? I just wanted you to think about this...

Trying to generalize "atheists" is about as productive as trying to generalize "theists" ... but for some reason this works for you huh...

I tried David ... guess we will just have to try it privately. On second thought considering other more recent posts, it seems we do not have much to discuss after all.

on Jan 25, 2012

People often assert that Atheism is a religion, which of course it isn't. Saying that atheism is a religion is rather like saying 'not' collecting stamps is a hobby. Atheists are often associated with scientific thinking and Critical thinking, while religions demand belief without supporting empirical evidence. Scientists have shown how scientific thinking leads to atheism but besides brainwashing, they are clueless as to what leads one to theism.

This post demonstrates the argumentative aspect that accompanies most religious discussions. The topic of atheism is only brought into the conversations by the Christians whenever it can be used as a distraction. Give them a place to go to actually discuss the issue and they all scurry away like dogs after a kill when the lions show up. Whenever a conversation ventures into the self-proclaimed realm of Christianity, the topic of atheism is sure to follow. From a purely analytical view, an atheist is anyone who doesn’t follow the absolute dictates of the RCC. Or in other words … it includes everyone in the world who is not Catholic (by their choice) … even other Christians and this is as bizarre as it gets, to say the least. I understand this post started out with a jest on my part, but I have been trying to get these religious vagabonds to at least explain the ‘Religion of Atheism’ … and they remain silent. This is no different than trying to get anything definitive from them … they live and survive in a religious stupor that transcends common sense, logic or proof of any real kind. It is a make-believe world where all the answers to everything is said to exist inside a book … no need to look for anything anymore as long as you have just the right book I guess. The wisdom and knowledge of the Bronze Age actually controls the complete life structure of most Christians today … is this why it takes a leap of faith to believe in the ridiculous? This is about as real as someone from the first century going into a cave and proclaiming the cavemen had the right of things … absolutely incongruous, IMO. Believe all the imaginary fables your heart desires … just don’t step on my scientific toes in the process.

Now … does anyone want to actually demonstrate their professed knowledge and tell us who are waiting with baited breath … what is the “Religion of Atheism”? I for one just cannot wait for this jewel.


on Feb 29, 2012

+2karma for you boobz, cause...well damn, i just like the way you talk!!

Wouldn't it be something for the Zealots of joeuser to try and tell one of the greatest minds in history, that his difficulties in life are by God's will.
Hawking would get banned almost instantly for killing joeuser members with awesomeness!! (and i'd pay to see that show!)

on Mar 01, 2012

Reply #6 Neilo
I just happen to subscribe to Hawking on YouTube or I probably never would have found the clip used in the OP. Same for the next clip in the post. If you really want to (who would in their right mind) hear some religious micro-babbling BS, NephilimFree on the tube is as good as it gets. I am just tired of people throwing this atheist religion shit in my face whenever they want to focus on anything besides the question at hand.

Another pet peeve of mine while I am here … is the disregard and minimization of the importance of scientific theories … often related to guesswork and seemingly viewed as feeble attempts to degrade theological views … pure rubbish. It is like talking to a wall when one tries to explain that science has no theological interests at all simply because there is no common point of concern. The sciences produce results that are verifiable and repeatable and could care less what people use such knowledge for. It has been my experience that it is normally the theologians who try and blend the two together, not to prove their case … only to try and disprove the opposition case??? And this mode of operation necessitates the use of science (our only source of evidence) to be used to defend our position. Sounds pretty catch-22ish to me is all. We are blanketly considered idiots if we try and mount a defense or in some state of denial if we don’t. I am done with allowing religious dogma to control the scope and direction of the discussion anymore because I have no interest in going there.

+2karma for you boobz, cause...well damn, i just like the way you talk!!
PS: How do you give someone Karma ... I seem to have forgotten and there were several comments I would have so awarded???

on Mar 01, 2012

PS: How do you give someone Karma ... I seem to have forgotten and there were several comments I would have so awarded???

Hover your mouse of the empty box at the bottom of a post, see red line,

The thumbs up for karma, and other buttons will appear!

on Mar 16, 2012

Neilo thanks … now to pick out some place for the forget-me-not tattoo.

Any atheists want to chime in hahaha … seems the Christians are just speechless. All of the hullabaloo they create elsewhere is simply argumentative and predetermines a failed discourse. Strange, but the most betwixt us defining issues are their belief in god without proof … and our disbelief in god without proof. From this simple enigma … we have reached our current dysfunctional state of affairs. Maybe it is because whatever we do have in the way of evidence … like ALL of it from every field … points to anything BUT an all knowing creator in any classical sense. No matter … the religion of atheism is just beyond me … assuming of course my intro clip failed to sway everyone. In all honesty, I think they are just incapable of corresponding in any other way than by following some religious protocol. If we atheists weren’t all conveniently lumped into a religious box why … they would have to deal with us as the individuals we are, go figure. Well, they couldn’t have that … so we just have to (MUST) represent some opposing religion against which to throw their mystical names, sticks and stones. Thus the religion of atheism is manufactured born … best I can do


on Mar 19, 2012

I have been accused of some kind of religious following in the pursuit of my atheistic life as have most I think. Most comments though are pretty ad-hominem and lack merit or credibility. Wherever your morality comes from doesn’t seem to matter because they all are pretty much the same. So the BIG argument here is just … who (or what) to give the credit to … talk about picking straws. This is about as silly as Christians and Islamists killing each other just because they open opposite sides of an egg … just priceless hypocrisy … my way or death and destruction. Come back and chat after you get your sordid theological details tended to. Then we will know which god to disbelieve in at least.

on Mar 19, 2012

. . .always remember that god works in his own way.

on Mar 19, 2012

. . .always remember that god works in his own way.
Ok, so what ... brings up the question whose god is being mysterious though. It sounds like they all are quite invisible, quite supercilious and quite enigmatic (is that all possible?) ... but at least they do seem to have that much in common anyway. I for one would just like to know the true identity of my condemner is all. And don’t give me this ‘a rose by another name’ BS … oh my … I guess that isn’t my call though. There should be a theological battle brewing on this very topic … like it has been absent somehow these past 2,000 years. But it is all the foolish atheists that are mucking up the religious waters, go figure.


on Mar 26, 2012



Why is it when someone attempts to be making fun of something there is always someone out there that just doesn't get it. . .

on Mar 27, 2012

Reply #13 lee3908870
Your previous comment was non-committal (as is this one) and a bit short of content. Let me know your choice of sides so I can laugh along with you … or poke sticks at you instead. My views as an atheist should be apparent … what are your views?

on Mar 28, 2012

HMMMMMMMMMM! for some reason my "Quote" button does not work; oh well.



We will not argue the case of religious believes seeing that we are both on the same page. . .  

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