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Corruption and bribery
Published on July 28, 2010 By BoobzTwo In US Domestic

          How can you blame a Progressive Liberal for acting well, like Progressive Liberals? I finally figured it out though, Liberals I mean. That is no simple task because you cannot use actual facts in this endeavor. The idea came to me when I was trying to talk to a child about global warming. When I was done, I was asked what we were going to do to save the polar bears we were killing. Then I remembered a conversation I had with my Mother on that subject.  Mom is a diehard Democrat being clueless to what has become of her beloved Party. I made much the same argument as mentioned earlier. When we were done, my Mother (who still insists Clinton did not have sex with that woman?) turned to me and started in on the Polar Bears saga, that was it, global warming, go figure.

          I started thinking of the old warhorses in Congress and it dawned on me that they would have been strutting their stuff back in the hippy era.  Dope, sex and alcohol for all, no responsibility besides demonstrating against the troops and the government, flower power, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In and peace to anyone without authority. Remember those days; I sure do because I was there. These same people are now running our country. Thinking back to the trials and tribulations endured while raising my children, it all came together. I noticed that many of the problems I had teaching my children closely mimic the responses I get from conversing with liberals.

          Children will take things that aren’t theirs not to steal the stuff, but because not taking things that do not belong to them is a difficult concept for them. They will lie at the first perception of a rebuke, not for the sake of lying, but because honesty is not an easy concept for them to learn, either. Children live in the here and now, yesterday being a fading dream and tomorrow nonexistent. They tend to be demanding, cantankerous and uncooperative when confronted. To them everything is free just for the taking and facts and figures are pointless. Reasoning with them is difficult at best, unless there is something in it for them. The world revolves around them (as individuals) and the word NO leads to an exasperating experience. They are emotional creatures that defy logic and reason. These are the very same characteristics we see in our President and his minions, the government at all levels, the Judiciary and our lower class citizenry.

          We are being run by a group of child-like adults without supervision and led by a teleprompter (Ever wonder who controls that machinery?). They operate as if their money supply is endless and they have The Printing Press to prove it. They cannot be bothered by details and have no use for facts or figures, other than for their manipulation. They all adhere to the mantra that the evil rich must be taxed out of existence … but they are all rich … humm. They are narcissistic in nature and omnipotent in their small minds. They will not spend their own money but demand ever increasing amounts of ours. They build things that are mostly useless and study things that have little value to human beings. They have the best that our money can buy for medical coverage, insurance, their salaries and their unbelievable perks, never failing to miss a cost of living increase for themselves.  They do not tolerate anything that is not of their choosing and have deaf ears when it comes to the people’s cry for justice. They promote debauchery and civil unrest and they ultimately use ‘The Race Card’ as a last resort for anything that ‘It’s Bush’s Fault’ or ‘It’s For the Children’ doesn’t cover. And most of them are overtly corrupt and have made it known that their vote and support are available to the highest bidder. Morals and honesty seem to be a thing of the past and illegal immigrants, Islamic terrorists and minorities can do no wrong. They excel in false accusations, finger pointing and the formation of study groups that produce more of the same. They have found that attacking their opponents on key issues like racism, honesty, fidelity and integrity provides them perfect cover for their corruption in these and other areas. They are embracing our enemies and alienating our friends around the world, just like they are doing in America. They are squandering our resources and relentlessly stealing our money for frivolous garbage and buying votes. There has been no recession in the halls of Congress. None have lost their jobs even though they were totally responsible for this mess. Personally I wouldn’t put any of them in charge of the latrines and here they are leading us backwards to much harder times.

          This article expresses my distaste for the current Progressively Liberal Democrat Party, however, the Republican Party has way too many old warhorses of its own, being of similar mind. These people need to be removed from office and put to pasture (hopefully in another country).You cannot reform people that so succumb to corruption on such a grandiose scale.  The way I see it, if the members of Congress have been there for 10 years or more, then they are part of the problem, not the solution. In that time, the Republicans had their chance to correct a lot of this nonsense and they came up pitifully short. And now that the Democrats have shown us what pain really is, well we don’t have any use or need for them either. We want our COUNTRY back!

on Jul 29, 2010

I like your analogy of Liberals=Children!  It is one I find myself making more and more often as well.  Having raised children myself (the youngest is 17 and in college), I have to agree.  They are basically peter Pans (not the good part of that story).  They talk about fairness, and yet have no inkling of what they mean.

And yes, republicans are not much better.  Rasmussen has gotten to calling them the "Ruling Class" as they are so out of step with the rest of America as to have a class of their own.  He is right.

on Aug 01, 2010

Great article. I agree with the child analogy as well as I have a 7 year old that can not be controlled and sometimes he does seem to have politician traits. I will be linking this article to my blog because people need to understand this. We have lost control over something we are suppose to be in control of. This Gov't (present and past) has tricked the American people into thinking our control ends the day after the elections and that everything else is out of our hands.

on Aug 01, 2010

Excellent article... clearly illustrates the need for term limits.