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The simple rustic lifestyle worldview.
Published on August 8, 2010 By BoobzTwo In International

 In the beginning ‘(Who were the first people on Earth, (see best answer))’ there was a tribe and all was happy. You know, no more than the usual beatings, rapes and murders. The real people thought they were happy, sort of. And then a new tribe moved in next door and suddenly the world wasn’t as large as it used to be “… and these other people, these intruders are taking our fruits and berries and game … “

So the original tribe started thinking that this was not good for the ‘real’ people. But even though the ‘invaders’ looked like real people, they did not smell right … they were not of the people, not of the tribe. So they decided to make war on these ‘pretenders’, not because there wasn’t enough bounty for all, but because they wanted all the bounty for themselves.

In actuality, the people were already there, it was just that their conquests among other things caused the need to extend their hunting and foraging areas and they just started overlapping each other. So the tribes kept getting larger and more numerous. They decided that they could no longer make war with all of the pretenders, so they sought out the weaker tribes to kill and steal from and the tribe mentality was born. Life was good again for the ‘real’ people, sort of.

Eventually the expansion was so extensive that others were met who were different in almost all respects. And the tribal expansion stopped, but the conquest of the other tribes, the pretenders, continued relentlessly. Now fast forward to today and what do you see.

You have tribes throughout the world on all the continents and the mentality has changed little. Conservatively, I am talking 20.000 or 30,000 years in the making, this tribal mentality thing. I should say that tribes in isolation fare well enough with little desire for the niceties of ‘freedom’ or the desire to change much if anything at all, but that’s about it. Some tribes have gotten so large today that they now occupy whole nations and are composed of little warring tribes (lesser pretenders) throughout. Today’s nation tribes would make war on other nation tribes for reasons that defy logic. I think Saddam Hussein didn’t like the fact that the demons in Kuwait opened their egg from the large side, what barbarians.  And the Kurdish opened their eggs on the small side, what barbarians. Like I said, this crap just defies logic. Why they feel compelled to attack and conquer their own countrymen (and foreigners) is explained by that very same tribe mentality. The world saw little need to interfere with these little baby wars … until they started spreading to their neighboring countries and then afar.

They profess to like the simple rustic lifestyle where they rotate signs for the best cave on the block. They must be empowered to take out their frustrations on their womenfolk or any non-believer within reach or there will be no reason for living (all them virgins and all???). It would seem that they like this pastoral lifestyle so much that they would have the rest of the world join them in their miserable existence. NO THANKS. You women had better try and understand what this means for you. As for me, not to worry, my Kimber and I will be out taking care of men’s work since the womenfolk will be too busy being human punching bags … oops, I am just a woman … how can this be?

on Aug 09, 2010

I am an agnostic and have had problems correlating the biblical beginning of the world with the overwhelming scientific evidence available. The article Who were the first people on Earth went a long way in providing an explanation that I could at least sink my teeth into.