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Another victim of PC
Published on February 21, 2011 By BoobzTwo In US Domestic

            This is a mindboggling concept for me, on every level I can think of. The problem here is that people want to bastardize the concepts of self-preservation and a need for actual real security with some sinister plot to deprive those who would do us harm of their “rights”? I do realize there is some merit to “rights” here, but they should in NO WAY, trump the protection of our citizenry … ever.

            This is no different at all than gun controls whose main purpose is to deprive us of the that means for self-defense (or sport) but has no bearing on the criminal elements where the gun problems exist. Criminals 1, citizens 0! If you do not like (or need) a gun then don’t buy one because it probably wouldn’t do you any good anyway. I carry a .45 Cal Kimber, am very proficient in its use and feel as secure as possible in such volatile times.

            If a black man (purple, red, blue, Mexican, Irish, Islamofascist or even a white man commits a crime, don’t you see a need for profiling?

             I remember an “Amber Alert” here in Florida where an infant was ‘missing’, so in the light of PC, they failed to point out that the baby was black and the people of interest (PC again) were black too. I had to go to their website (at their bequest) to learn these details which makes no sense at all … isn’t some profiling (common sense) necessary? For goodness sake it was an Amber Alert how are we supposed to help?

               Do you have any problems understanding what you may face when confronted by someone who is irate, fearful, overly concerned (without merit), self-righteous, obnoxious, insulting or any other number of emotions and habits? I certainly do not! But then, I understand the need for profiling. I cannot tell you specifically what is bothering them (at first), but I sure can tell when they are about to bother ME (or others). And I do not even need to strip search crippled children to figure it out.

on Feb 23, 2011

I wonder why all the soldiers in Wars are not arrested and executed for profiling based upon the nationality of the opposition?

on Feb 28, 2011

No matter how one looks at it,it is much better for the winning side. Anyway, Most takle their pillage and go home today ... but many throughout history did take exception to the opponents right to life.

on Mar 01, 2011

Profiling is as natural as breathing, and every living person does it.  Used the wrong way (as the only way of determining what people are like) it can be very limiting and destructive. But we all use it.  First impressions are profiling.  I know I have met some people who I have taken an instant dislike to (or instant like to), and if I allowed that to be my guiding rule in actions with them, I would have missed some great friendships (or had a lot more lusy friends than I actually did have).

on Mar 01, 2011

I know Doc, seems stupid to me too, but that is one of the mantras the Gov. puts to good use and way too many people just go along with it … it is this PC nonsense that they used to justify themselves. If you are into heartburn, try chatting with some unknowledgeable person about border control or racism or just about anything, talk about futility, whew.