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From an old-timer, hahaha
Published on November 12, 2011 By BoobzTwo In FPS

The type of (PC, Xbox) games I have enjoyed and their general genealogy are as follows. I wish I had my Atari 800 or 1200 ... oh well. I first got hooked on Unreal Tournament when that was the whole name (and all the versions up to present). From there I branched out to other shooters like the original Half Life (and all the versions up to present). There were a lot of these around like Doom and Castle Wolfenstein that were iffy to me. Eventually my teen age Son got me to playing Left 4 Dead (and 2). I had tried BioShock (and 2) and couldn’t get into them until said Son explained a few things to me. However, I never developed a liking for strategy games or shooters with a military theme. Strange that: I hate ‘War’ … but I love to kill for a ‘good’ cause’ … usually my survival, hahaha. Well that is the short version of the games I liked best. I am going to upgrade my computer next year to be able to enjoy the newest shooters and such. I just haven’t been following things since … well BioShock. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

on Nov 13, 2011

PS- I forgot to mention F.E.A.R. in all its versions too.

on Nov 30, 2011

I cannot believe no one here plays FPS's anymore. I found some hints so I am playing with Left 4 Dead 2 again, on how to complete 3 achievements. These all occur in the carnival venue but I have only been able to get one out of the three I was after … so far. There are tons of players online???

on Dec 02, 2011


on Dec 02, 2011

babyparty ... ditto hahaha.