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The proverbial super carrot and the unachievable reward
Published on November 20, 2011 By BoobzTwo In Religion

Well Mother always used to say “the proof is in the pudding” and that is how I see Religion in any form. So, if the Catholic Church (the only Church of Christ?) has been unable to prove their elevation of Jesus to God status in over two thousand years … what in the world are you guys going to prove now? Absolutely nothing is what but that is ok... I finally figured this out. Logic will not even dent your armor as well we know and proof is meaningless to people who don't need any proof at all to self-empower themselves (RCC) to change the world into their likeness (not God’s), hehehe.

So if there are any Christians who would like to discuss some of these concerns of mine instead of skirting them feel free to do so. I’m all ears here …

1.Discuss the last Ice Age which peaked around 15,000 years ago (forget the others for now).
2.Discuss why carbon dating only seems to be accurate if one doesn’t go back past the birth of Jesus.
3.Discuss why Religion (Intelligent design) should be taught in the public venue.
4.To honestly discuss why people of faith believe their particular flavor of god worship and not that of others.
5.Discuss how people like the Mayans got to live in the Americas in order to be almost culturally eliminated by the RCC in the fifteen hundreds.
6.Discuss the inquisition(s) in light of reality … not as some have said using words like fair, just and merciful etc. How about some truth for a change?
7.The actual life of Jesus … not the Catholic renditions / translations / fabrications.
8.I do not like to discuss the RCC Inc. or the corruption that is centered in the Vatican as this stuff is well known to everyone besides Lula I guess.

What is it that all religions have in common besides a lack of proof for their chosen one … all rewards take place after you die? Think about that for a minute? (The RCC teaches that only Catholics can go to Heaven now how stupid is that one alone?) I bet there are a lot of guys beating the heavenly bushes trying to find their virgins, hahaha. What in the world is a virginal spirit good for anyway, just a thought?

It is funny, but heaven could be a nice place if it existed … unless of course everyone there is a religious junkie (sounds like hell to me). I am sure I don’t understand this sit with God for all eternity thing … I have a difficult enough time trying to understand what it is that all you guys (after purgatory of course) are going to be doing for eternity besides basking in the glory … help me out here? Whatever it is, it can have no earthly comparisons so it seems obvious that you guys don’t even know what this supposed reward really entails after all. Circular logic is the last resort of people who cannot prove anything at all … so they provide the literature to prove their mysticism to themselves and demand everyone else blindly follow their lead, go figure. Am I the only one having a problem with blind faith …? Maybe the word 'blind' has something to do with it, hehehe.

Man, of all the creatures, has the capacity to contemplate ultimate reality. French mathematician and philosopher Blaise Pascal (1623-1662) said this: "I only know that on leaving this world I fall into nothingness or into the hands of a wrathful God, without knowing to which of these two states I shall be everlastingly consigned." Modern theologian William Lane Craig (resource list) adds, "Man's condition ought to impel him to seek to discover whether there is a God and a solution to his predicament. But people occupy their time and their thoughts with trivialities and distractions, so as to avoid the despair, boredom, and anxiety that would inevitably result if those diversions were removed."     (Copied from Faith Facts)

on Nov 21, 2011

Faith is trust, hope, and belief in the goodness, trustworthiness or reliability of a person, concept, or entity. It can also refer to beliefs that are not based on proof.


This is a very interesting argument, but there is a flaw in your logic. You assume religious belief is based on proof when in reality it's based on faith, which I would have assumed you knew. If you don't understand the definition of faith than all you are doing is baiting people into a circle debate where there is no end because neither one will give in to their beliefs because one wants scientific proof while the other claims not to need it.


I have my own faith, my own beliefs which are in line with the Catholic Church although it's not exactly as they see it. People try to convince me to be more religious than I already am and just like you, I find that annoying as well. They speak of respect for other religions but in reality they don't because you can't respect other religions when you believe yours is the supreme one. But what can you expect from a life form who discriminates against people of other skin color and then turn to those who's skin color is the same as theirs and discriminate against them because of economic differences. It would be obvious that religious differences would also invoke discrimination mentalities as well.


Let's be realistic here, you are not looking for a discussion. That would indicate you would be willing to consider the possibilities that God may exist, but your own post shows the contrary. You probably would not believe if proof was provided. What you are looking for is to butt heads with people in order to prove them wrong thru your argument that because God can not be proved to exist you automatically win. But in the end it's pointless because a believer does not need proof to believe. That's what faith is and no amount of science will change their minds.


BTW, have you ever noticed you are sorta a religious person yourself? Sorta. You have this belief that God does not exist because his existence can not be proved scientifically. Your belief is so strong you have gone as far as dedicating a lot of time on this site and probably outside of it to prove religious people wrong about their beliefs. Your God is science I guess you can say. How interesting.

on Nov 21, 2011

Hello Chuck: I don’t really assume much of anything as you’ll see and I know why religious folk believe what they do … I just don’t understand it is all. There is no burden of proof on me here and I live under sufferance, the Catholic word “atheist” because the RCC has to have its enemies categorized. I opened this discussion because I have asked these questions before and was not taken seriously … just as you didn’t. The problem with these type questions is that they are not biblically supported and most religious folk just choose to ignore them as somehow inconsequential in the scheme of things … just as you did.

Let us be realistic you say … and what compromises is that going to cost me? I am going to have to pretend there is a God in order for the creation of a religion and the creation of the church all to be used to justify through choice legends their own written explanation for everything and that this has to BE TRUE??? Well that is a lot for me to swallow … I would like to know what are you guys willing to concede … indeed I do … anything?

I have given the monolithic Church and religion(s) over two thousand years to make their case and they cannot nor can I. I have reviewed the readily available evidence on the subjects I chose because they are of interest to me. I know how the forefathers of the Mayan people got here. I understand land bridges and Ice Age(s) to the extent our technology will permit. I see no reason at all to doubt the accuracy of carbon dating well before biblical times … do you? It is my assertion that particular religious beliefs are 100% geographical and that makes religion 100% geographical too. There are many reasons why the RCC doesn’t know much about the life of Jesus. I am convinced that The RCC was the worst thing that could have happened to the virtues of religion, philosophically speaking. I don’t think voodoo or ghost watching should fall under the public school system either and for the exact same reason. Which topic were you interested in?

Atheist doesn’t have anything to do with science or religion for that matter … it has to do with God(s) period. To me it is like a checkmark (yea or nay) and I checked nay is all. Unfortunately when I made that check, I devaluated everything in the Bible and all religious writings as having no source and this is what makes it impossible to communicate with them. If you are happy in your faith then I am happy for you … it is just not for me.