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November 1, 2011 by BoobzTwo
Personally I like the Book of Genesis as it makes an interesting read if one is into strange fantasy.  In The beginning there was either nothing or something depending on your point of view. It is strange but let’s take a look at the nothing concept first:
DAY 1: In The beginning there was nothing but darkness and out of the darkness came the One God who always was … in the darkness? Well eventually God became tired (?) of the darkness after however long and decided to...
October 30, 2011 by BoobzTwo
Wherever you think man came from is fine with me, but man from his inception was corporeal and as such was only privy to what his senses could perceive (and much later his instrumentation) … of the real world (universe). In order for there to be any coexistence between varieties of people (like more than one), a vernacular had to be (and was) established. Humans having no known extrasensory functions, established our language around those things we knew to exist (or existed) and are (were...